My Weekly Checks- Low Risk High Payout

My Weekly Checks is low risk with a high payout. I fully understand not wanting to join another company. Trust me, I get it. My Weekly Checks is different, though. Anji Long and Ben Martin have created an easy to use system to help generate leads and make sales for MCA. Yes, Motor Club of America! You can read all about MCA in my other post.

So, how does the My Weekly Checks system help you with MCA? First, you send your traffic to the capture page. Leads will then enter their email address and log into the system. There are 3 brief videos that they will watch to help them get started.

Once they sign up for MCA, they come back to My Weekly Checks and type in their username. Then they do the same thing you did; drive traffic and make sales.

It truly is that easy. Oh wait, what’s the cost of all this?

My Weekly Checks system- FREE

MCA- $40 payment to get started then $19.95/mo

Commissions- $80 per referral


Easy day!

Ready to get started? Then grab your account now!

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