Global Domains International Affiliate Program




Global Domains International Affiliate Program

First off, let me apologize for not talking more about Global Domains International . My bad. I forgot about promoting it because my blog has been hosted on it for years and that was my main focus.

Anyway, Global Domains International is not only a place to shop for domains and get web hosting, you can work it as an affiliate and generate a residual income. And there are NO quotas. AND this is an international company. No more “USA and UK only” ads, you can promote this company to people all over the world.

Check out Global Domains International:

Global Domains International allows you to start with a FREE 7-day trial then it’s $10/mo afterwards. To be an affiliate you have to fill out paperwork that your country requires. I’m in the USA and had to fill out a W-9 tax form and a copy of my photo id. This is a REAL company. You will pay taxes according to your country’s laws.

Are marketing materials available? Absolutely. GDI gives you several websites to promote, flyers, tips for promoting, and you can build your own site to promote GDI.

Have you heard a lot of people talking about Global Domains International? Probably not. This is a quiet money maker that doesn’t need a bunch of hype. You can build this business online or offline as an affiliate. THOUSANDS of people need domains, websites, and hosting. Yes, you can work from home selling these products!

And once more, you can build your own blog! Global Domains International uses a WordPress platform and there is the option for an easy blog builder. I prefer to use WordPress for blogging. You can even get email addresses! Forgive me for not telling you all about this sooner. Again, my bad!

Check out Global Domains International:

Let’s recap GDI:
Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial then $10/mo afterwards
You can buy domains and hosting for WordPress
Several websites for you to promote GDI
Residual income
Build your own website/blog
International company
Affiliate program just fill out the affiliate agreement

Get started with Global Domains International today:

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Global Domains International Affiliate Program

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