Angela Naomi

img_20140527_222230That’s me, Angela Naomi.

I wanted to be a mermaid, actress, or a zoologist. By high school, I knew I wanted to be an actress. This wasn’t met with welcoming responses so I stopped telling people I wanted to be an actress and said I wanted to be a teacher. I ended up in college majoring in Dance Education then I injured my hip muscles and switched to Sociology. It was the only major I could find that would still have me on track to graduate on time. And since I was truly losing interest in school, it was the one that required the least amount of work. Not because it’s any easy subject, but because it comes easy to me. I didn’t have to work hard to comprehend nor apply the subject matter.

Welp, I graduated college with no job and no prospects. I was just happy to be out of school. Looking back I can say with confidence, I hated it. I enjoyed the socialization and life experiences, but nothing else.

The years that followed college were not fun job wise. I found myself in and out of employment. I had a hard time finding jobs; either over qualified or not qualified enough. I taught dance on and off for several years. I also did some acting and modeling in between jobs. However, building an acting and modeling career is expensive. Discouraged and borderline defeated, I started looking online. I remembered the people I’d meet along the way, many of whom worked from home. The flashy websites always caught my attention. I admit I did get scammed a few times. There were other times I didn’t know what to do with the company I’d joined so I ended up quitting. 

It took a couple of years to figure it out, but I got it together. HA! I am happy to be founding VIP member of The Royal Network. I opened a Shopify store, Wifi and Pajamas and have some great things building around that. Also, I’m still an affiliate marketer. I only promote things I can vouch for or things I have used. 

I now consider myself an actorpreneur. I love my fellow actors and artist, but the love affair with being a starving artist needs to end. I created this site to share my journey of avoiding being a starving artist and living the laptop lifestyle. And of course some fun tales about living in Los Angeles.  Feel free to comment and share my posts. Ask me questions and I will answer! Join my in my Facebook group, WiFi And Pajamas. Follow me on Twitter @AngNaomi. Add me on Facebook @AngelaNaomi. Check me out on YouTube @Ajomi8.

Cheers to our success!!

Angela Naomi