Finding Your Why

img_20141226_220536123Finding your why

See that kid in the picture with me? That’s my goddaughter Alana. We took this picture in December of 2015. I was home from San Antonio on leave and hadn’t seen her in several months. I could boast about this awesome kid all day long. But instead, I want to focus on finding your why.

Your why is the reason you keep working harder. Your why is the reason you don’t give up. I’ve had to watch Alana and my other friend’s children grow up through pictures. I lived in Greensboro, NC for 7 years and was able to spend so much time with my 2 younger cousins. See, I love the freedom of being able to go to recitals, awards ceremonies, school plays, field trips, birthday parties, etc.

Then life took a different turn and I found myself low on funds and away from family and friends. I wasn’t able to travel. I wasn’t able to take off work. And I wasn’t at the events or at the house hanging out.

I know what it’s like to not have your parent or someone special at your function. My dad deployed a lot when I was a kid and my mom was a teacher. Neither could just drop everything and show up. I was grateful for everything they were able to attend. But I still know that tight feeling in your chest and the lump in your throat when you look out into the audience and don’t see that person.

There have been several moments I’ve missed because a lack of cash flow prevented me from traveling back to NC to spend time with Alana, my cousins, and other friend’s kids. I’m not going to lie I get a little misty-eyed when I see other friends at the celebrations and I’m not there.I appreciate every call, Glide video, and FaceTime.

Living a life of luxury and being able to travel is great too. But those things are superficial to me. People who work long hours and make a lot of money can have those things easily. I want the financial stability AND the freedom. Honestly, given the choice between traveling to Bora Bora or hanging out with my goddaughter for the week, I’d take hanging out with her. Bora Bora will always be around, but she won’t remain a kid forever. The same for spending time with my cousins and my other borrowed nieces and nephews.

And when I have kids of my own, I want this same freedom. I don’t want to be the parent that misses out on everything because “I have to work”. As a kid, my dad signed every card, “I do this not because I want to, but because it’s my job.” Proud of the job my dad did, however I don’t want that life for my kids. I want to be the parent with the camera cheering from the audience. I want to be the loud parent at the sports meets. I want Alana to look into the audience and see TiTi Angie cheering for her. Yeah…that’s the life I want.

Once you decide on your why hold on to it. Keep it in your sight. When you’re up burning the midnight oil look at it. You’re not doing this for shits and giggles, you’re doing it because you have a reason!


Truly ready to start living a life of FREEDOM?


“All who wander are not lost” JRR Tolkien

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