How I Lost A Job I Didn’t Even Have

This is the tale of how I lost a job I didn’t even have. You read that correctly. Circa 2007/2008 I worked teaching dance in daycare centers throughout my region. Yes, my region, not my town nor my area. I was traveling to multiple cities in one day. I loved my job! I loved seeing the children and hearing them squeal, “Miss Angie! Miss Angie!” I loved watching their progress as they learned to balance on one foot, skip, spin, and clap on beat.

Then something happened. I was being asked not to come back to some daycares because the parents’ checks for daycare tuition had bounced. I had pre-k students handing me their sign-up papers, “Mommy said I can’t do it. But hold my paper. Maybe next time.” The saddest day came when I was at a center outside of Greensboro, NC. I had stopped by to see if any kids had signed-up. The daycare director told me there were no sign-ups and perhaps I should cut the program. I was flagged down on the playground by a couple of bubbly 4-year-olds.

They began to tell me about wanting to dance and their parents. “My daddy was crying. He doesn’t have a job.” “My daddy doesn’t have one either.” “I saw my mommy and daddy crying last night. I got out of bed to ask for water and saw them in the kitchen.” “Mommy cried and told daddy she lost her job.” First, your children are ALWAYS watching you. Second, I cried in my car. What was going on in my area?

I decided to do some digging. I told my friends about what was happening. A few of them knew people who worked for a computer company who had closed the brand new factory and sent everything to Mexico. Then I found out another company that the area is known for also closed and went overseas. And I found out a few more companies were doing the same. My students’ parents worked for these companies.

When mommy and daddy are out of work what is the first thing to go? Yup, extracurricular activities that aren’t free. My program was $45 per month. I received the axe quickly! Yes, I was hurt because I loved what I was doing and there was an opportunity for me to grow with the business. And of course, I loved the kids.

Outsourcing kills jobs and it has a domino effect. One company leaves and their employees’ lives change. When their lives change, those involved in their lives change also. This was my wake up call that a job wasn’t enough. I needed something extra that couldn’t be taken away from me. I needed something that outsourcing couldn’t topple.

My job search has been a roller coaster and many times I felt like giving up. I started to feel something was wrong with me; that I was a waste of intelligence. Perhaps, it’s my Virgo nature but I put a lot of pride into work. If I’m not working I feel useless. So I became busy. And throughout my business, I found online marketing and returned to direct sales. Outsourcing cannot take away The Royal Network and it can’t take away this site



“All who wander are not lost” JRR Tolkien

I’m a wandering soul with an entrepreneurial spirit. My journey has allowed me to discover my passion for acting, writing, dancing, and modeling. Through the use of internet marketing I’ve been able to generate an income online living the WiFi and Pajamas life. Feel free to reach out to me to learn how you can do the same. And as always, thanks for reading and sharing!

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