How to Become Successful Online

By: Ryan Biddulph

You may be confused about how to succeed online. It almost feels like being drawn and quartered by 4 horses, being pulled violently in multiple directions by all the advice tossed your way.

If you feel overwhelmed and have no clue where to start I will share a few basic steps to set the foundation for becoming successful online. I am a former fired security guard turned island hopping pro blogger who’s circled the globe the past 6 years, spending months in places like Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica.


Following these tips has helped many of my readers to become fellow island hopping pro bloggers.

You can follow them too to become successful in your own right.

1: Define Success for Yourself

My definition of success: traveling all over the world while running my blogging business.

Since I knew what to aim for I could more easily succeed.

Some online entrepreneurs make the common mistake of aiming for other people’s goals; the house with the white picket fence or making 6 figures a year. Of course, they fail horribly to reach goals they didn’t want to reach in the first place.

I just arrived back home after a 4 month trip through Qatar, Myanmar and Thailand. 5 minutes ago me and my wife Kelli landed a 10 day house sit on the world-renowned Upper West Side of Manhattan. This is my dream; seeing the world while I profit through blogging and inspiring other folks to do the same.

Definite success for you. Aim for *your* goals.


2: Follow Your Fun

Follow your fun.

Your fun energy makes you irresistible to like-minded folks.

Following your fun makes your business pop.

As a rule, virtually all hyper successful online entrepreneurs follow their fun because that energy pulls you through the ups and downs. You’ll dive into learning and hone your online skills even if you are feeling a bit down about your venture because you will enjoy working your business.

I was featured on sites like Virgin, Forbes and Fox News because my “fun” energy shined so brightly that these sites had to feature me. Such is the power of someone who follows their passion.


3: Create Useful Content

Create useful content.

Get inside the mind of your ideal reader or customer. Identify their pain points. Provide solutions to these pain points via videos, podcasts and blog posts.

I ask my readers how I can help them. I email my list asking how I can be of service. I ask questions on social media.

If you have no readers or customers observe the cyber scuttlebutt on top blogs from your niche. Trawl Facebook Groups and G Plus Communities related to your niche. Help folks through these communities and create helpful blog posts – via your self-hosted WordPress blog – to address their most pressing needs.

Problems solvers become successful online entrepreneurs.


4: Befriend Big Dawgs in Your Niche by Helping Them Out

Befriend successful entrepreneurs from your niche. These folks open doors for you that could not see or even reach.

Example; I befriended million dollar earner and internet icon Zac Johnson a few years ago. I commented on his blog for a few weeks. I tweeted his posts. He asked me to guest post on his blog.

Sure I wrote 1,000 words daily for practice for many years yet many bloggers are as skilled a writer as myself. But they did not befriend Zac by helping him out. Which is why I guest post daily on a high profile blog which has helped promote my online success.

Comment on top blogs from your niche. Share top blogger’s posts on social media. Even if your writing is not up to snuff to land a guest post these friendships open many profitable doors down the road.

Successful online entrepreneurs make a bunch of friends by helping folks out.


5: Monetize Your Passions

Monetize your fun. What do you most enjoy doing? If you love writing consider freelance writing and and self-publishing eBooks on Amazon.

Are you a performing ham? Consider creating podcasts and videos which you can monetize through various channels.

Create online courses. Offer consulting services. Monetize your passions. The work/play is the reward. All else is extra. This is the energetic space to enter to really kill it online. In a good way.


6: Dive into Your Fears

My biggest breakthroughs happened after I dove into really deep, terrifying, paralyzing fears. My greatest success was borne of fear.

Even though I followed my fun to live my dreams I waded then dove into fears to make this life happen.

If you’re flopping like a fish out of water, fear has ahold of you. You fear leaving your comfort zone. You fear taking risks so much that you are blind to opportunities. You look at fearless folks like they are a different species.

Feel the fear. Do it anyway.


Start your blog. Buy your domain and hosting. Publish your first post. Write and self-publish your first eBook. I wrote and self-published 124 eBooks and am still fine-tuning how to promote the suckers. Cowering to my fears goaded me to do a poor job sharing the eBooks for a minute but I’ve since waded into those fears to sell more eBooks every day.


Dive into your fears. Only fear prevents you from being successful.


Your Turn


What tips can you add to this list?


Or are you struggling to become successful online?


Ryan Biddulph

“All who wander are not lost” JRR Tolkien

I’m a wandering soul with an entrepreneurial spirit. My journey has allowed me to discover my passion for acting, writing, dancing, and modeling. Through the use of internet marketing I’ve been able to generate an income online living the WiFi and Pajamas life. Feel free to reach out to me to learn how you can do the same. And as always, thanks for reading and sharing!

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