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Since I was 6 years old, I knew I wanted to be an actress. Well, that’s a bit dramatic, let’s just say I knew I had fun in the school play, I wanted to join the circus, and I wanted to be a mermaid. I had all these ideas of what I wanted to be and when I watched TV shows and movies, I found more careers. Somewhere in high school, I realized I wanted to be an actress. All of these career choices were actually roles I wanted to play. I did what I was told so I put my “pipe dreams” on the shelf and went to college, went to grad school for a bit, and then got a job and another job and another job and another job and another job. In between, I did some acting and I did some more acting. Then it hit me… THIS IS EXPENSIVE! But how was I going to balance working and acting? My main job takes up enough time and there is no leftover time for a 2nd job.


I had to find a way to pay for the acting expenses while still leaving room for auditioning and of course naps. I love naps. Anyway, I started finding ways to make money online. I have tried several companies, I’ve made money, and I’ve lost money. I’ve also met some great people along the way! And I’m still acting. Guess you could call me an actorpreneur.


That’s why I’m excited that I’ve found a great business that earns money and gives me free time. The best part is that my mentors have given me their easy to follow blueprint for success. They’re sharing their secrets to running a profitable business from home. Soon I will be able to leave my main job and be focused 100% on acting and working earning an income online!


You Probably Want A Quick And Simple

 Way Of Making Money, Which Only Takes 
20-60 Minutes Per Day…

Am I right?

Thought so.
Well, if that’s the case then you’ve landed in the right place because…
And the beauty of it is that it’s so simple. You don’t need any technical skills, or prior experience to make money. Neither do you need to talk to anyone on the phone… do any selling… or harass your family members and friends.
The reality is that… 

If You Can Lick A Stamp & Mail Out A

 Done-For-You Letter, Then You Can Get $65… 
$150… $300… $1,000 Cash Payments In Your 
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The Opportunity on this page is the real deal!

It is the ultimate leverage and the simple business you’ve been searching for.


Ready To Start Getting Daily Cash In The Mail?


Your Membership Provides All The 

Tools & Resources You Need To Make A Simple Income From Home, 
Which Includes…
  • Welcome Package And Guide
  • Done-For-You Letter To Mail Out
  • ​Access To Over 200,000 Targeted Leads
  • ​Company Support Group
  • ​Exclusive Invites To Company Events
  • ​Fast And Reliable Delivery Of Your Commissions
  • ​Unlimited Income Potential
  • ​Assistance In Closing Your Sales
  • ​Peel And Stick Label Leads, Or Electronically Delivered Leads
  • ​Live Weekly Team Training
  • ​All The Bonuses Mentioned In The Video On This Page
  • ​Ability To Sell Leads To Non-Members
  • ​Plus Much More

There Are Only 3 Simple Steps To 

Start Getting Cash In Your Mail Box 
As Soon As This Week…
Step #1: Choose Your Earning Potential
You get to choose how much you want to get paid. That puts you in full control of your income. You can build a comfortable side income for vacations and paying extra bills, or a full time income to get you out of your JOB and live life on your terms. It’s all up to you!
Step #2: Download Your Money Making Letter
Getting started is incredibly simple. Simply click any of the buttons on this page, go to the order form and choose your earning level to get in the game. After you follow the simple steps on the order form, we’ll show you exactly how easy it is to get paid. 
Step #3: Check Mailbox For Your 1st Payment
After you follow the simple instructions to launch your business, the only thing left to do is check your mailbox for cash payments. You’ll receive direct payments and stamps to your mailbox with no middle man. All payments are sent to you directly.
Ready To Start Getting Daily Cash In The Mail?

Become A Re-seller Today & Start Getting 

$65… $150… $300… $1,000 Cash Payments, Just 
By Mailing Out A Done-For-You Letter!

“YES – I Want To Start Getting Cash In 

The Mail By Becoming A Member Now…”
  • YES. I know that I must be 18 years of age or older, to join this program.
  • YES. Please show me how to start getting $65-$1,000 cash payments in my mailbox, every single day.
  • ​YES. I’m ready for you to show me how to get 100’s of hot leads per month, who are ready to join me in this business.
  • ​YES. I understand I can sell quality leads to non-members for additional commissions in the mail.
  • YES. I understand that I’m getting a proven system for turning Direct Mail leads into daily cash payments.
  • YES. I’m a sensible adult, who knows that I will have to follow the simple steps if I wanna make simple money.
  • YES. I understand that by joining Anji & Ben’s team, they will give me all the extra bonuses promised in the video.
  • YES. I know that there are zero refunds, as this is a real and legitimate business.
Ready To Start Getting Daily Cash In The Mail?
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IMPORTANT! When You Go To The Order Form, 

Make Sure Box #1 Says: The Carlisle Agency
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Disclaimer: Due to some of the FTC guidelines and being a compliant Direct Response Advertiser, some of the sales figures and/or claims stated above, including any case studies, are those of my own personal sales figures and/or those of some of my clients, who have substantiated and verified their own financial numbers, through 3rd party merchant accounts and their own financial teams. Please understand that my results, or those of my team, clients and students, are not typical, and in no way am I implying that you will duplicate them (or make any money for that matter.) I have the benefit of practicing direct response marketing and advertising since 2010 and have an established, large social media and social networking following, as a result. The average person who joins any business, or buys any ‘How To’ information, gets little to no results. I’m using these references and/or case studies, for example purposes only and to show people that the only people in general who actually succeed are the people who spend years mastering their craft. Just like going to a university to master a trade, you have to put in the work, the time, the sacrifice. You may experience pain, frustration and even loss, before you get any type of results. Therefore your results will vary and depend upon many factors… Including, but not limited to your background, experience, dedication and work ethic. All business entails substantial risk, as well as massive and consistent action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT JOIN THIS PROGRAM.