Impact Mailing Club Review – Scam or Legit

Impact Mailing Club is a direct mailing and lead generating business. It is not free to join. Let’s get that out of the way first. I am a member of Impact Mailing Club and this review is my personal opinion. I’m not being paid for this and nobody is threatening to have my family swimming with the fish if I don’t write this. 


I joined Impact Mailing Club because I was looking for a new opportunity that was in direct mailing. I’ve done a direct mailing business before, however, it fell apart because I didn’t know what I was doing and the support wasn’t available. I also joined because of the reseller rights. Yes, Impact Mailing Club allows you to resell leads. 


I’m with a team who is working Impact Mailing Club a bit differently. We are mailing the leads, but we are also using social media to promote the business. Personally, I am saving my leads to do a massive mailing about another company that is launching very soon. That’s my own decision. 


Is it legal to mail money? Yes, it is legal otherwise all of our grandparents would be in jail for sending $20 in a birthday card. The illegal act only comes in when you’re mailing the money for illegal reasons. Impact Mailing Club is mailing the money in exchange for the leads and resell rights. If you’re uncomfortable putting cash in the mail then you can use other methods. You can CashApp, Venmo, or Zelle the fee to me. And you can use Zelle to pay the admin fee. Contact me for these details when you are ready to join Impact Mailing Club. My contact is at the end of this post.


How does it work? First you join on the level of your choice. You can Choose between Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, or Diamond. The level above comes with the commission rights to the level(s) BELOW. If you choose Sapphire you will have commission rights to Emerald and Ruby also. 


You will receive leads on sticky labels. Our team has a letter that you will receive. You will mail that leader to each of the leads. You are responsible for buying envelopes, printing the letter, and for whatever postage you need. We will tell you affordable ways to buy the items needed. 


Impact Mailing Club does require work. Please, don’t think you’re going to join today and be an overnight success. Our team is supportive and will help you stay on track. 



EMERALD LEVEL – 100 Mailing Leads

RUBY LEVEL – 200 Mailing Leads

SAPPHIRE LEVEL – 400 Mailing Leads

DIAMOND LEVEL – 1000 Mailing Leads



Fresh Business Opportunity Seekers Leads:

200: $40

500: $100

1,000: $150


EMERALD LEVEL: $100, you will receive $65 commissions + $20 on 2nd level, $15 admin fee

RUBY LEVEL: $250 ­ You will receive $150 commissions + $50 on 2nd level.  $50 admin fee

SAPPHIRE LEVEL: $500 ­ You will receive $300 commissions + $100 on 2nd level.  $100 admin fee

DIAMOND LEVEL: $2000 ­ You will receive $1,000 commissions + $500 on 2nd level. $500 admin fee

TBA: DOUBLE DIAMOND LEVEL: $3000 You will receive $1,000 commissions + $1000 on 2nd level. $1000 admin fee


Ok, those are the details! Ready to get started? Use the link below to join and remember to contact me via text if you want to send payment via Zelle, CashApp, or Venmo


Join Impact Mailing Club today:


Got a question about Impact Mailing Club? Text me: 818-928-2682


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