MCA Changes Commission! No More $80 Per Sale

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! MCA Changes Commission Payouts! Instead of $80 pay on the $19.95 sale, reps will now receive $35. There are other changes so go to TVC Marketing’s Facebook page to learn more.


Yes, it’s true MCA has changed their commission structure and people are freaking out. Even some who have been earning $1000+ weekly are jumping ship. It’s mayhem! Well, to some, it’s mayhem. If you want to stay on board then stay. I’m staying and I have my reasons. If you want to jump ship then jump. But if you’re gonna jump at least land some place that pays residuals and is simple to work.


I will let you make your own decisions and you can watch my Facebook live to get more of my opinion. This blog is simply for easy access to the links.


Global Domains International (GDI): This blog is hosted on GDI. I earn money from them. Free 7-day Trial and then $10/month afterwards. Yes, it’s residual income.  They give you EVERYTHING you need to promote this company. All you have to do is push traffic to the site. They even give you flyers you can print off.  This is a true GLOBAL company. You can sell in any country. Click to Join GDI

Builderall: Don’t sleep on Builderall. MCA reps who are staying you can use this to grow your business. Builderall is everything you need; domain hosting, capture page, autoresponder, and more. Oh, what are the 3 things you need to seriously make money online? Yup, domain hosting, capture page, and autoresponder. You can make even more cash with Builderall by building things for other people. It is one stop shop. There are several other features of Builderall. Go to the site to learn more about the platform and the business opportunity: CLICK HERE


Again, if you stay with MCA please tack on additional income streams. If you jump ship then please land some place with residuals and no quotas so you can rebuild your income and go on from there.

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