My Journey

img_20140527_222230That’s me, Angela Naomi.

I wanted to be a mermaid, actress, or a zoologist. I ended up in college majoring in Dance Education then I injured my hip muscles and switched to Sociology. It was the only major I could find that would have me still on track to graduate on time. And since I truly was losing interest in school, it was the one that required the least amount of work. Not because it’s any easy subject, but because it comes easy to me. I didn’t have to work hard to comprehend nor apply the subject matter.

Welp, I graduated college with no job and no prospects. I was just happy to be out of school. Looking back I can say with confidence, I hated it. I enjoyed the socialization and life experiences, but nothing else.

The years that followed college were not fun job wise. I found myself in and out of employment. I had a hard time finding jobs; either over qualified or not qualified enough. I did some acting and modeling in between jobs. However, building an acting and modeling career is expensive. Discouraged and borderline defeated, I started looking online. I remembered the people I’d met along the way, many of whom worked from home. The flashy websites always caught my attention. I admit I did get scammed a few times. There were other times I didn’t know what to do with the company I’d joined so I ended up quitting.

I noticed there were LOTS of opportunities to earn, but very few resources to receive education in online marketing. I knew not to give up completely because I was making money here and there. I was picking up some freelancing gigs through sites like People Per Hour and Fiverr. The money was real and the opportunity was real. I was meeting people on Facebook who were helping me too. Then, I ventured over to YouTube and found Anji Long.

She’s pretty and looked welcoming plus her voice isn’t annoying so I watched her videos. I didn’t subscribe, comment, nor click the like button; only watched. Well, I watched her go from real debt (not student loans, but real debt) to banking a healthy 5 figure income monthly. She took a trip to Dubai and that’s when I knew I had to contact her and find out how she went from debt and an empty apartment to the life she currently has now.

Fast forward and I’m proud to say that she and her boyfriend Ben Martin have taught me what I have been wanting to learn. My other mentors/friends I’ve met via Facebook have been helping me too. They have shown me that throughout the years, I was learning to be an entrepreneur. I wasn’t actively seeking entrepreneurship, I somewhat stumbled into it. Every time I found myself unemployed, I found a gig. Whether I was selling something online, joining a company and building a team, modeling, or acting, I was being an entrepreneur. Yup, I’m the accidental entrepreneur.

I created this site to share my journey of avoiding being a starving artist and living the laptop lifestyle. Yes, you’ll even get the details on my acting and modeling career.  Feel free to comment and share my posts. Ask me questions and I will answer! Join my in my Facebook group, WiFi And Pajamas. Follow me on Twitter @AngNaomi. Add me on Facebook @AngelaNaomi. Check me out on YouTube @Ajomi8. Livestream with me on Periscope and Busker both @AngNaomi.


Cheers to our success!!

Angela Naomi