#14Day1KBootCamp with Arielle Loren

#14Day1KBootCamp with Arielle Loren


Where do I begin? I “met” Arielle Loren in the same place I met several people, Twitter. Don’t ask me the details because I don’t remember. I do recall when she started Corset Magazine and other businesses she launched in between. Then somehow I lost track of her. Oops. Well, thanks to algorithms and paid ads, she began to appear in my social media feeds. I was happy to see her. Fast-forward to a few days ago when I was cleaning out my Gmail. I have committed to cleaning it out everyday; yes it’s that bad. I saw an email from her about a “pay what you can” 14 day course. I deleted it. I received another email about it. I deleted it. I received yet another email and this time I read it.


This 14-day business bootcamp is something I need and feel comfortable taking with Arielle. She has a proven track record. I started to fill out the registration then saw the payment. It’s a $97 course and she’s allowing you to pay what you can. Embarrassed I entered $15 then closed out the browser without submitting the payment. I thought to myself, what do you have to be embarrassed about? Your military orders got screwed up which caused you to miss out on a large sum of money, you’re still owed money from the military, your job applications keep getting rejected, you’re drained and tired of people hence why you stopped doing social media work… why are you embarrassed that $15 is all you can truly afford to give up for this 2 week course? I reopened the website, filled it out, and paid my $15.  I’m a prideful pretty bitch, glad I swallowed my pride.


I take my losses in private. Quite frankly, it’s none of your damn business what’s going on in my day to day life. I don’t need to update my status or write a blog post each time something flops. I don’t thrive off bullshit comments of, “You got this,” “Don’t give up sis,” “You’re amazing,” etc. Sorry, it does nothing for me at this point in my life. You won’t catch me posting a selfie of me staring into the distance and captioning it with some poetic tale of struggles.


Listen, bottom line is this, I’ve fucked up in business. It’s not that deep. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to be something that I’m not just cuz it’s profitable. That shit gets draining. At my core, I don’t like dealing with people. The less hands on I have to be with my business, the better. The less consulting I have to do, the better. The less running behind a client seeing if they did their part, the better.


Arielle made it clear to come with ONE business idea in mind. Again, I keep a lot to myself and I purchase my intellectual and digital property ahead of time. I rummaged through what I own and have decided that I will be focusing on WiFi And Pajamas. The Facebook group has almost 200 members and I’ve a laundry list of ideas to grow this brand. WiFi And Pajamas is the place for affiliate marketers and direct sales reps to hone their internet marketing skills.


Tonight at 8pm EST Arielle will be live on her Facebook page to discuss the upcoming training. I will share it on my Angela Naomi page too. Plus, I will post it on Twitter.  


Arielle, I cannot thank you enough for doing this. I’m glad algorithms worked in my favor. The next 14 days are going to be a welcomed challenge.

Solo Travel is Not for Me

Wanderlust is taking over many. I support it. I encourage it. See the world! Explore your home country! Knock yourselves out. Before I dig into why solo travel is not for me, let me explain my travel background. I’m an Army Brat. I grew up outside of the USA and in 4 different states. Due to my dad’s MOS we did not move as frequently as other Army families. However, we were still away from family and road trips were always on the schedule. College, I didn’t take trips other than the 2 mandatory Teaching Fellows’ trips and a visit to my family in Puerto Rico. I preferred to go home to Virginia to my Granny and Pop-Pop on Spring Break. The years following college, I had a few road trips to Charlotte and NY with my BFF, theater tour (cast total 4), cruise with 4 friends, and 1 road trip to NY with another friend. The rest of my travel has been alone and some of the travel happening in between what I listed was alone. My Navy career has lead me overseas twice. Traveling to Central Asia alone is long and extra long. You read that correctly.


Alrighty now that I have all that out of the way, listen, solo travel is not for me. Don’t get me wrong, group travel is not either. I don’t need 7 people with me. What bothers me about solo travel is the loneliness. There’s nothing exciting to me about exploring a foreign country alone. Heck, I don’t want to explore the USA alone. I know some people who adore solo travel, but when they talk about their previous travel, they did a lot of group trips. Or they’re the type of people who simply love to do things by themselves. Welp, I’m kinda tired of hanging out with myself. It’s been me, myself, and I for years and I’m getting on my own nerves.


I have seen travel bloggers that hype up solo travel. They market it as some spiritual epiphany having type venture. Listen, I meditate daily, I’m good on the epiphanies. They say you can find yourself. Listen, I’m not lost. I know where I am physically and mentally 24-7 365/66. I never lost my groove so I don’t need to go find it. Nobody dumped me so I don’t need a cut my hair and cry in the ocean type trip. Nobody fired me so I don’t need any eat, pray, love adventures. Mid-life crisis? Nah, not having that either. Tired and annoyed by years of group travel? Never experienced that. Yeah, solo travel, that shit is for the birds.


The long flights and drives don’t make solo travel any easier.  I’m not a huge fan of talking to strangers domestic or international travel. Navigating unknown territory alone is not fun for me. Sure, I feel accomplished when I get to use my gift of being a polyglot in training, but it’s a wee overwhelming. And nothing more nerve wracking than hearing an announcement in French or Arabic, translating what bit I can understand, and waiting anxiously for the English announcement. It would be nice to have a travel buddy sharing the anxiety with me.


I did get invited on another cruise with a group of military women I know. It’s a family and friends trip, but I can’t justify paying the price and there’s no casino on the ship and no special amenities that I can’t get on another cruiseline for a lower price. And I damn sure can’t justify inviting a friend who would have to pay airfare to get to Florida on top of the cost of the cruise. But I want to go on another cruise! See why I don’t do groups? LOL!  


As of right now the next trip I’m working on is Christmas 2019 with my best friend. Both of us have had our fill of family Christmases. I have NEVER missed a Christmas with my family, but other people in the family have missed Christmas. It’s my turn to say, “Merry Christmas” from a distance. I love to travel and perhaps in my former life I was a nomad of some sorts. I don’t know. All I know is that this world is massive and experiences, like food, are meant to be shared. I don’t foresee myself taking leisure trips alone. This is not an open casting call for a travel buddy cuz I am picky and remember what I said about strangers? Yeah, a lot of you reading this are strangers. You get in line for a group networking event, I’ll see you there.If we have mutual friends or have met before then we can chat about it.


What are you thoughts on solo travel?

Global Domains International 2018

Global Domains International has hosted this website for 3 years; maybe longer. This is not my first time with Global Domains International (GDI). Years ago I was a member and per usual, I had NO clue what I was doing as an affiliate. So GDI quickly became another layer in my pile of things I’d quit. Fast forward sometime and I get reintroduced to GDI. I became a member, figured out what the hell I was doing, and started this blog as well as making some money with the affiliate program.

What is Global Domains International? In short, it’s a company that allows you to buy a domain and build a website. I’m more comfortable building with WordPress because I’ve been using it for several years. GDI lets me create websites using WordPress, create email address for those sites, plus I can be an affiliate of GDI. I’ll get to that in a second.

Oh what the hell, let’s get to the affiliate part now. Who doesn’t want to chat about making money? Before I get into that understand that I spent more time putting together this site than I did working GDI as an affiliate. I’m currently putting in more time to work the affiliate side of the company. 

Becoming an affiliate is simple and there is a lot of promotional material in the back office. You’re also given over 7 websites to help you promote. The international in the company’s name is not arbitrary. This is truly an international company. You’re paid directly to your PayPal account or a check. Heads up, you have to fill out tax forms and other information. Global Domains International is a real company and they will hold you accountable. 

How much can you get paid? Use the Global Domains International income calculator to play with numbers: TRY IT NOW

Did those numbers look good to you? They look great to me and I ran fairly low numbers.

Before I continue, this blog is hosted on GDI. Yessir, I’ve been a customer of GDI longer than I’ve been an active affiliate. Personally, I like using WordPress and GDI offers a WordPress blogging platform as well as another.

Alright, back to the money. You played with the numbers and found an income that made your mouth water. AWESOME! Getting started as an affiliate for GDI is simple. They have a 7-day FREE trial and then afterwards it’s only $10/mo.

There is also bonus money for completing the new affiliate training. Cha-CHING! 

In your back-office, you’ll also find training on how to promote GDI online or offline. They provide you with step by step instructions and materials that you will need. 

Enough of my yapping, check out Global Domains International for yourself

MCA Changes Commission! No More $80 Per Sale

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! MCA Changes Commission Payouts! Instead of $80 pay on the $19.95 sale, reps will now receive $35. There are other changes so go to TVC Marketing’s Facebook page to learn more.


Yes, it’s true MCA has changed their commission structure and people are freaking out. Even some who have been earning $1000+ weekly are jumping ship. It’s mayhem! Well, to some, it’s mayhem. If you want to stay on board then stay. I’m staying and I have my reasons. If you want to jump ship then jump. But if you’re gonna jump at least land some place that pays residuals and is simple to work.


I will let you make your own decisions and you can watch my Facebook live to get more of my opinion. This blog is simply for easy access to the links.


Global Domains International (GDI): This blog is hosted on GDI. I earn money from them. Free 7-day Trial and then $10/month afterwards. Yes, it’s residual income.  They give you EVERYTHING you need to promote this company. All you have to do is push traffic to the site. They even give you flyers you can print off.  This is a true GLOBAL company. You can sell in any country. Click to Join GDI

Builderall: Don’t sleep on Builderall. MCA reps who are staying you can use this to grow your business. Builderall is everything you need; domain hosting, capture page, autoresponder, and more. Oh, what are the 3 things you need to seriously make money online? Yup, domain hosting, capture page, and autoresponder. You can make even more cash with Builderall by building things for other people. It is one stop shop. There are several other features of Builderall. Go to the site to learn more about the platform and the business opportunity: CLICK HERE


Again, if you stay with MCA please tack on additional income streams. If you jump ship then please land some place with residuals and no quotas so you can rebuild your income and go on from there.

Make Money Online Without Investment

How many of you have ever wanted to know if you could make money online without an investment? Chances are you did a little research and came up empty handed. Probably thought the offers were too good to be true. I understand.

Welp, I’m here to tell you that you CAN make money online without an investment. Aside from affiliate marketing there are 2 companies that will allow you to earn commissions without putting up an investment. No, the pay isn’t high, but it’s enough to give you some financial cushion. Imagine making an extra $100-$400 each week. That would help out wouldn’t it? I’m sure it would.

Best Easy Work doesn’t require an investment and allows you to earn $25 commissions on sales. You can promote through social media, Craiglists, other ad sites, YouTube, paid ads, and blogging. There is training in your back office. You will fill out tax forms. Gotta give Uncle Sam his cut. Check it out: Best Easy Work

Earn Easy Commissions doesn’t require an investment and allows you to earn $1 per qualified lead. Ok, before you booooo me, hear me out. True, $1 doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re driving traffic and getting 50-75 people daily then it adds up. You don’t have to do anything except drive traffic to the website. You can do it using the same methods to promote Best Easy Work. Easy peasy? Easy peasy! Check it out: Earn Easy Commissions

There you have it! Those are 2 ways to earn money online without an investment. What do you have to lose? 

Reasons to Visit Atlanta

Reasons to visit Atlanta. Hmmmm…. honestly I’ve not had many reasons to visit this city. I had heard tales of this city from my eldest god sister who had gone to Freaknik, but had yet to go. My first trip was 1996. We were traveling from NC to AL to visit my dad; he was stationed at Ft. McClellan.  My sister and I were too young to help with driving so mom had to do it all. We passed through ATL and mom made sure we were awake. She slowed down enough to keep the speed limit while still giving us a glimpse of the setup for the 1996 Olympics. Then that Army Wife put the pedal to the metal and didn’t stop until Alabama. 

I didn’t see the city again until around 2008, I came face to face with the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. WHAT IN THE FRESH HELL? I was traveling from NC to FL in order to visit my parents. The family I was a nanny for had hooked me up with a buddy pass and luckily I was able to get into first class seating. I should write another blog post about my adventures in this airport. Something always happens. Anyhoo, ATL and I met again in 2011. I was auditioning for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). I had a great audition then went out to dinner with my HS friend. We ate at Frank Ski’s it was decent. Nothing to rave about. 

The airport and I met some more between 2011 and 2017. Thankfully, my most recent encounter, I was too tired from coming back from Bahrain to even realize if something was annoying. Even standing in the long line waiting for my bag to get checked and holding a lady’s 6 month old baby while her formula was inspected didn’t bother me. The baby smelled like lavender. Heck, I wasn’t even bothered by having to carry ALL my bags from the baggage claim to be checked again for the rest of my journey home.

Alrighty, November 2017, I was in Atlanta for The Fearless Reloaded Conference and stayed at the W Midtown. I was able to hang out with my same friend again. Shout out to my girl Tiffany! jAnd yeah that’s about it. Say all this to say, Atlanta is just one of those cities that doesn’t call my name and I’m usually there for the airport and business. I’ve been telling myself that I would start making it a travel spot due to the Orlando airport and ATL airport being hubs; flights are cheap. Anyone who knows me knows that food is life. As long as I’m fed and had an enjoyable eating experience the entire trip can go to hell in a hand basket and I’m good. 

The gawds and gawdesses must have heard my silent prayers.  A retweet comes acros my TL from a young lady who says she is going on a date with a married man and wanted restaurant recommendations. And she wanted intimate spots without all the hype and flare. This spoke to my soul as someone who likes to eat in peace. While others judged for her dining reasons and company, I scurried down the rabbit hole of her mentions in search of recommendations. This is what I found:


  • Rays on the River (Get at table in the back room. Go through the curtain down the stairs and face the river.)
  • Henry’s
  • Park Tavern
  • The Canoe
  • Eco
  • STK
  • Marcel
  • Umi (opt for the private room to maintain privacy)
  • Hal’s
  • Aria
  • Restaurant Eugene
  • The Optimist
  • Copeland’s 
  • Watershed
  • The Sun Dial (apparently it’s busy but the atmosphere keeps people focused on their business and not yours)
  • Six Feet Under (Be not turned off by the name. It’s dim on the roof for an added layer of discretion)
  • Cafe Intermezzo (Go after 10pm)
  • Marcel (opt for the late menu)
  • King + Duke (go to the patio)
  • Dantanna’s (Dim lighting and cigar smoking if that’s your thing)
  • Agave
  • Urban Licks
  • No. 246
  • Eav Thai and Sushi
  • City Winery
  • Pashcal’s
  • Negril’s Village
  • Scales 925
  • St Regis (The guy who tweeted this says he takes all his girls who have boyfriends there. He’s yet to be caught.)
  • Manuel’s Tavern

Bon appetite y’all!


Midnight Epiphanies

I wish I was the type person whose best ideas came to them at 2pm. Instead, I’m the type whose best ideas accost me at midnight and if I’m lucky 3am. These ideas aren’t the outlandish ones like, “If I build a slide in my house that drops me off in the kitchen, how can I get back upstairs without having to use the stairs?” Oh, how I wish those were the ideas. Nope, my ancestors decide to bless me with epiphanies and structured business ideas during the wee hours of the morning. Personally, I think it’s their way of testing my ability to jot down a few notes then go to bed versus my old habit of staying up until the project was completed. At times that meant I would stay up for over 24 hours straight.


I am not ashamed that I’m an entrepreneur, digital marketer, affiliate marketer, actress, writer, dancer, singer, teacher, and professional napper. I wanted one spot to showcase all of this and have been scratching my head trying to figure out the best way to do it. The answer was in my face the entire time. USE THIS DAMN WEBSITE!


That’s exactly what came to me. This site has been underused and I’ve been tussling with how to blend everything together. I want to share my story and keep readers up to date. A few years ago I made the decision to put my acting and modeling career on hold. There is a stereotype of actors always being broke and riding the struggle bus; the starving artist. I don’t want to be that and I don’t have to be that. I know how to make money online. I’ve been doing it on a small level for a few years. And now I’m getting out of my own way to share these experiences with all of you.


Yes, the site is under construction. Yes, I will still be posting and sharing content. Yes, I welcome you to share and comment on posts. Yes, I hope that one day a brilliant idea will come to me at a reasonable hour until then midnight epiphanies it shall be.


Follow me

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YouTube: @Ajomi8

I Miss Competing

I miss competing. I miss the preparation. I miss the clothes and the jewelry. Yup, I was a pageant girl. I loved the glitz and the glam. For some strange reason, I felt home on the stage in this element. It was comparable to acting only difference is that I didn’t have a script. It’s been years since I competed in anything. Do I remember how? Of course I do, that was silly of me. 


I’m debating competing in the WBFF Commercial Model competition this summer. And by debating, I mean my mind will be made up probably by the time I publish this blog. This will be a lot of work on my behalf to get in shape. I don’t half step. I’ll keep you posted. Just follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/angnaomi 

WBFF Commercial Model

Fault And Responsibility: Lessons From Ariane Simone And Will Smith

Will Smith has joined Instagram and I’m not disappointed. He posts funny videos, cool pictures of his travels, and gives mini motivational talks. One of his posts was about the difference between fault and responsibility. His words immediately sent me back to when Ariane Simone was on Facebook Live a year ago telling the story of her encounter with a rat while dining outdoors at a restaurant. And I mean a rat like NIMH not a snitch. She goes into explaining how although it wasn’t the waiter’s fault that a rat had scurried across her feet, but the restaurant still needed to take responsibility and rectify the situation. Pause. Please note that even though she was outdoors, rats shouldn’t be drawn to the venue and at first sight of rat the venue needs to make sure Nicodemus and the other rats of NIMH don’t come closer.

Anyway, many things in life may not be our fault directly however the responsibility to do something may be ours. We can apply this to life, business, and relationships. Example, it may not be your fault that your subordinate is late to work, but it’s your responsibility to figure out why someone under your watch can’t get to work on time. Otherwise, their tardiness becomes a reflection of your leadership skills. 

In my personal life, I can see how several things may not have been my fault, but the responsibility to handle the situation was mine. Reflecting on past events I can see how I did not take responsibility. While I didn’t place the blame on the others I didn’t turn the spotlight on myself to figure out how I could do better with what I had been given. What transpired afterwards is all my fault. Now I have the blame and the responsibility. 

As it pertains to business I feel the same way. And as a business woman, the fault AND the responsibility can be mine depending on the situation. Do you know how many times it was my fault that a website was working? Several times and I had to take the responsibility too. 

If we take an objective look at our lives we can see the difference between fault and responsibility. We can see retrospectively when things were our fault or our responsibility. How did we react? Now that we know the difference how can we be better? Think about it.

New Updates

Physically, I’ve been present, but mentally I have been somewhere else. Life was continuing on and I felt 2-3 steps behind. Christmas vacation and the first few weeks of the new year gave me ample time to be observant. Through these observations I realized I missed myself. I am a creative person who writes, dances, sings, choreographs, acts, and plays piano. Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I did any of those things for myself. I think the last theater show I did was “Big Fish”. My poetry books haven’t left their place on my shelf in several months.

My focus has been… I’m not sure where it has been. I have not seen the fruits of my labor yet I’ve been laboring. I’m not sure what *clicked* over the past few weeks. Changes are being made that are for the better. This blog is the first thing to change. I’m not quitting any of my affiliate marketing and I’m still a part of WiFi Wealth. I LOVE making money online. However, I KNOW I can be making more money without feeling like I’m “working”.

This blog will be my place to share more insights with you about working online and why I’m doing it. You’ll get to see pictures from past theater performances and modeling jobs. After all, I am working online so that i can have freedom to take more acting and modeling jobs. You’ll also have a Vlog from me too! My YouTube channel will be packed with more videos.

My excitement is back. I’m happy about changing this blog. You’ll have the chance to learn how to make money online too. I’m not stingy with knowledge.

Bookmark this site and get ready to have some fun!