The 30 Day Video Marketing Challenge

The 30 Day Video Marketing Challenge has commenced! I have done challenges like this one in the past and saw an increase in my social media interactions, followers, and business. Now, I am doing this challenge again!

Video marketing is a simple way to boost your business and introduce yourself to more people. It is refreshing to see people’s faces and hear their voices.

At first video marketing may be nerve wracking. You may not like the sound of your voice or think you look weird. That’s normal! As you become more comfortable you won’t even notice those things.

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“All who wander are not lost” JRR Tolkien

I’m a wandering soul with an entrepreneurial spirit. My journey has allowed me to discover my passion for acting, writing, dancing, and modeling. Through the use of internet marketing I’ve been able to generate an income online living the WiFi and Pajamas life. Feel free to reach out to me to learn how you can do the same. And as always, thanks for reading and sharing!

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