WiFi And Pajamas

I’m Angela Naomi and I’m an actorpreneur. Long story short, I have always known that acting is an expensive career path so I spent years trying to figure out ways to make money that would give me free time for acting. It took awhile and I still have a “regular” job, but bringing in the side money has helped me a lot. I created the WiFi and Pajamas group on Facebook to help people learn how to promote their business online. I’m also a VIP Founding Member of the Royal Network.

Helping other actors generate an income online while they pursue their acting career is not something I set out to do initially. I was reluctant at first because I didn’t want me being an online marketer overshadow me being an actress. I had to learn to balance the two. Below are some ways to help you generate an income online and how to market any business/product online.

As always, I cannot guarantee your income. Individual results will vary. Do not take risks you cannot afford to take.

Simple Ways to Make Money Online: These are simple things you can do to bring in extra cash. Click here

Inspirational Pics: Over 1000 inspirational pics you can post on your social media. People love to like, comment, and share these types of pics. The file is too large so the platform won’t let me give it away for free. I sell it for $1. Seriously $1 gets you over 1000 pics for your usage. Shop here

Social Media Clean-Up: Your funny or controversial video that’s not making you money, but has 50+ comments is keeping the algorithm from showing your other posts. Use the Social Media Clean-Up checklist to help you declutter and make room for money making posts! Click here

Income Producing Activities: These are things you need to do daily to produce income. Pick and choose which ones you need to do and stay consistent. Click here

Video Marketing Tips: You don’t need a fancy camera and editing! You don’t even need to do the videos yourself. Click here

What to Post?: Posting is strategic. Follow these tips to help with consistency. Click here

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I wish you all much success in all that you choose to do,

Angela Naomi

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